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Index of editions of sacred music on this site

  – by first lines / titles
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The columns displayed show: First line/Title, Number of voices, Composer, and Location.

Ave Maria 5v Dulot, François PWCH
Ave regina celorum 3v Frye, Walter Loire
Bone Ihesu dulcis cunctis 3v Anonymous Amiens
Bone Jesu dulcis cunctis 2v Anonymous Amiens
Bone Jesu dulcissime 4v Gascongne Amiens
Creator omnium rerum, deus 3v Anonymous Amiens
Credo in unum deum 2v Anonymous Amiens
Da pacem, domine 3v Agricola, Alexander Amiens
Dulcis amica dei 3v Prioris Amiens
Dulcis amica dei 3v Prioris Loire
Dulcis amica dei 4v Prioris Uppsala
Ecce quam bonum (4v ex) 2v Anonymous Amiens
Gregorius presul meritis 3v Anonymous PWCH
Justa corpus spiritus stetit 2v Anonymous Amiens
Juxta corpus spiritus stetit 3v Anonymous Amiens
Kirie – Langentibus in purgatorio 2v Anonymous Uppsala
Kirie eleyson 1v (3v) Anonymous Amiens
Lugentibus in purgatorio 2v Anonymous Amiens
Lugentibus in purgatorio 2v (3v) Anonymous Amiens
Lugentibus in purgatorio 3v Anonymous Amiens
Magne pater sancte Dominice 3v Fede, Johannes PWCH
Micael, Gabriel, Raphael (3v ex) 1v Anonymous Amiens
Missa de S. Katherina, Alleluya & Sequence 1v Plainchant Amiens
Missa Se la face ay pale 4v Du Fay, Guillaume Sacred
Missa Sine nomine 4v Anonymous Sacred
O lumen ecclesie 3v Fede, Johannes PWCH
O miranda dei caritas / Kyrie 3v Anonymous Amiens
O quam glorifica luce coruscas 3v Anonymous Uppsala
O quam presul domine Nicolae 3v Mire [Mirus], Jehan Uppsala
O salutaris hostia 3v Anonymous Amiens
Officium de S. Barbara, 1st & 2nd Vespers 1v Plainchant Amiens
Parce, Domine, populo tuo 3v Obrecht, Jacob Uppsala
Parce, domine, pupolo tuo 3v Obrecht, Jacob Amiens
Quando deus filius virginis 1v Anonymous Amiens
Quando deus filius virginis 2v Anonymous Amiens
Sedentem in superne (Sequence) 1v Plainchant Amiens
Sospitati dedit egros olei 2v Anonymous Amiens
Stabat mater dolorosa 2v Anonymous Amiens
Ut Phebi radiis 4v Josquin Desprez PWCH
Veneremur virginem 2v Anonymous Amiens
Veni sancte spiritus 2v Anonymous Amiens
Virgini Marie laudes 2v Anonymous Amiens
Without text (erased) 4v Anonymous Amiens
Without text (fragment) 4v Anonymous Amiens