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Recent publications

The Sound of Music and Composing with Hexachords. A collection of articles and papers on fifteenth- and sixteenth-century music, 2001-2019, PDF 322 pp. (February 2024)

’On chansons notated in fa-clefs – and the question of pitch in 15th century secular music’ (html, May 2010, revised 2023)

Anonymous, Missa Sine nomine a 3 (Missa La plus dolente) in Parma, Bibl. Naz. Palatina, Fondo parmense, ms. 1158. Edited by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen August 2023 (PDF, 17 pp.)

‘Liturgical music in a tight rein. Alternatim masses for Santa Barbara in Mantua’ (‘Kirkemusik i stramme tøjler. Om alternatim-messer til Santa Barbara i Mantova’, Dansk Årbog for Musikforskning 30 (2002), pp. 9-50), 2023, PDF 40 pp.

‘What every choirboy should know. Considering the motet Ut Phebi radiis by Josquin Desprez’ (‘Hvad enhver kordreng skal kunne. Betragtning af motetten Ut Phebi radiis af Josquin Desprez’, Musik & Forskning 28 (2003) pp. 97-118), 2023, PDF 22 pp.

‘Josquin and the sound of the voices. Analysing vocal instrumentation – a suggestion’ (‘Josquin og stemmernes klang. Et forslag om analyse af vokal instrumentation’, Musik & Forskning 27 (2002) pp. 7-24), 2023, PDF 18 pp.

‘The braying of the ass and singing through tears. Images in music in the popular and artful traditions of the fifteenth century’ (‘Æslets skryden og sang gennem tårer. Billeder i musik i 1400-tallets populære og kunstfulde traditioner’, published in Musik & Forskning 26 (2001), pp. 97-134), 2023, PDF 39 pp.

‘Freedom of creation and the virtuoso composer: Guillaume Du Fay exploring sound and rhythmic relations in Missa Sancti Anthonii de Padua’ in Kathrin Kirsch und Alexander Lotzow (eds.), »Music is different« – isn’t it? Bedeutungen und Bedingungen musikalischer Autonomie. Festschrift für Siegfried Oechsle zum 65. Geburtstag. Kassel (Bärenreiter) 2021, pp. 49–67

Johannes Ockeghem, Missa Quinti toni. Edited with an introduction by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen (June 2021)

Guillaume Du Fay, Missa Sancti Anthonii de Padua (Mass ordinary). Edited with an introduction by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen. PDF (June 2019)

Guillaume Du Fay, Missa Sancti Anthonii de Padua (Mass proper). Edited with an introduction by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen. PDF (October 2019)

‘An experiment in musical unity, or: The sheer joy of sound. The anonymous Sine nomine mass in MS Cappella Sistina 14’, Danish Yearbook of Musicology 42 (2018), pp. 54–78.

The anonymous Missa Sine nomine in MS Cappella Sistina 14. Edited with an introduction by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen. PDF (October 2018).

Guillaume Du Fay, Missa Se la face ay pale. Edited with an introduction by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen. PDF (June 2018)

Gregorius presul meritis. The anonymous three-part motet in the manuscript Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana, Ms. 2794. An abandoned dedicatory song from the 1470s? Introduced and edited by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen. PDF (December 2018).

‘Palestrina, den katolske reformbevægelse og kirkemusikken’ in P. Carstens, M. Nykjær & H. Roer (eds.), En anden reformation. Rom som religiøst epicenter. København, Orbis 2017, pp. 172-194.

John Bergsagel, David Hiley & Thomas Riis (eds.), Of Chronicles and Kings, National Saints and the Emergence of Nation States in the High Middle Ages. Copenhagen, Museum Tusculanum Press, 2016 (Review), Danish Yearbook of Musicology 41:2 (2017), pp. 15–18. September 2017.

‘Music, competition and the Art de seconde rhétorique: The youthful chansons of Gilles Mureau and Philippe Basiron’, Danish Yearbook of Musicology 41:1 (2017), pp. 3–31. July 2017.

Songs for funerals and intercession. A collection of polyphony for the confraternity of St Barbara at the Corbie Abbey. Amiens, Bibliothèque Centrale Louis Aragon, MS 162 D. Edited by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen. Available as webpages or PDF-files (2 volumes). November 2015.

‘Prayers for the dead, funeral music and simple polyphony in a French music manuscript of the early sixteenth century. Amiens, Bibliothèque Centrale Louis Aragon, MS 162 D’, Introduction to the complete edition. November 2015 (click here for the PDF-version).

The Copenhagen Chansonnier and the ‘Loire Valley’ chansonniers. An open access project. First stage of web site completed October 2013.

The music of Jean Sohier dit Fede: Comments and edition’. July 2013. Html-file – also available as a PDF-file, which includes the editions of Fede’s motets and chansons.

‘Improvisation und schriftliche Komposition’, in Michele Calella und Lothar Schmidt (eds), Komponieren in der Renaissance. Lehre und Praxis (Handbuch der Musik der Renaissance, Band 2), Laaber 2013, pp. 233-247

The chansons of Basiron’s youth and the dating of the ‘Loire Valley’ chansonniers’. February 2013. Available as html- or PDF-file including music appendices (October 2021, 84 pp.).

‘L’Abbaye de Corbie, sainte Barbe et le manuscrit Amiens 162’, in Camilla Cavicchi, Marie-Alexis Colin & Philippe Vendrix (eds.), La musique en Picardie du xive au xviie siècle. (Collection « Épitome musical »), Turnhout (Brepols Publishers), 2012, pp. 256-261.

‘The French musical manuscript in Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana, Ms. 2794, and the ‘Loire Valley’ chansonniers’. June 2012. Available as linked html-files or a PDF-edition including the list of contents of MS Florence 2794 (147 Kb).

The Complete Works of Gilles Mureau (c1442-1512) – poet-musician of Chartres. Introduced and edited by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen. August 2011. Available as linked html-files or a complete PDF-edition (1,6 Mb).

‘The restoration of Antoine Busnoys’ four-part Flemish song “In mijnen sijn”: An experiment in sound, imitation technique, and the setting of a popular tune’, Danish Musicology Online, Vol. 2 (2011), pp. 21-51. Online article + separate editions of the three versions of Busnoys’ song.

The Offices and Masses of St. Knud Lavard († 1131) (Kiel, Univ. Lib. MS S.H. 8 A.8°) reproduced in facsimile, transcribed and edited by John Bergsagel. Copenhagen: The Royal Library / Ottawa: Institute of Medieval Music, 2010. A Danish Teacher’s Manual of the Mid-Fifteenth Century (Codex AM 76 8°). Lund, Lund University Press, 1993 and 2008’ (review), Danish Yearbook of Musicology 38 (2010/11), pp. 89-92.

THE UPPSALA CHANSONNIER MS 76a. The music manuscript Vokalmusik i Handskrift 76a in the University Library of Uppsala: A selection of music, secular and sacred, courtly and popular, from a French musical manuscript dating from the beginning of the 16th century (åartial edition with comments, translations etc.), January 2011

‘Busnoys in the hands of scribes, or: What did key signatures mean to the scribes?’, paper presented at the Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, 5th-8th July 2010, Royal Holloway, University of London (revised 2023, PDF).

‘Chansoner på nettet – eller digitaliseringsprocessens indvirkning på forskningens metoder og resultater’. Indlæg ved Dansk Selskab for Musikforsknings 7. symposium Musik, lyd og digitalisering, lørdag d. 24. april 2010 på Institut for Kunst- og Kulturvidenskab, Afdelingen for Musikvidenskab, Københavns Universitet (PDF 444 kb).

Prenez sur moi vostre exemple: The ‘clefless’ notation or the use of fa-clefs in chansons of the fifteenth century by Binchois, Barbingant, Ockeghem and Josquin’, Danish Yearbook of Musicology 37 (2009), pp. 13-38 (PDF).

‘David Fallows, Josquin, Turnhout 2009’ (review), Danish Yearbook of Musicology 37 (2009), pp. 98-102 (PDF).

François Dulot’s “Ave Maria” – music for the men and boys of the Amiens Cathedral. A five-part Marian motet edited by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen after the musical manuscript Copenhagen, The Royal Library, Ny kgl. Samling 1848 2°, pp. 314-315; or as PDF (77 kb).

‘Publishing 15th century music: Open Access and Digital Editing’, Paper read at the symposium Digital Editions: Perspectives for Editors and Users at The Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, Section of Musicology, University of Copenhagen, January 19, 2008. Web publication 2008. Also published in Axel Teich Geertinger and Bjarke Moe (eds.): Digital Editions of Music. Perspectives for Editors and Users. Proceedings. Copenhagen 2008. pp. 49-59

‘The Music Sections of MS Amiens 162: Copyists, Purpose, Corbie, Confréries and the Role of Antoine de Caulaincourt’, paper presented at the Colloque International »In Seculum Amiens. Les manuscrits musicaux d’Amiens au Moyen Âge«, November 22-24, 2007 in Amiens. Web publication 2007

‘Alexander Agricola’s Vocal Style – »bizarre« and »surly«, or the Flower of the Singer’s Art?’ in Nicole Schwindt (ed.), Alexander Agricola. Musik zwischen Vokalität und Instrumentalismus (Trossinger Jahrbuch für Renaissancemusik 6 - 2006), Kassel 2007, pp. 59-79.

Om improvisation og komposition i 1400-tallet – en introduktion (PDF 221 kb, 2007)

‘Sangerens kunst og Agricolas kirkemusik. Om forholdet mellem improviseret og komponeret flerstemmighed’, (PDF 472 kb, 2006)

Om enkel flerstemmighed til udsmykning af kirkesangene – en introduktion (PDF 90 kb, 2005)

Josquin Desprez: Ut Phebi radiis. Motet for fire stemmer udgivet af Peter Woetmann Christoffersen.
(practical edition online)

‘Hvad enhver kordreng skal kunne. Betragtning af motetten Ut Phebi radiis af Josquin Desprez (vokal instrumentation 2)’ Musik & Forskning 28 (2003) pp. 97-118. PDF file (ca. 165 kb)

‘Kirkemusik i stramme tøjler. Om alternatim-messer til Santa Barbara i Mantova’ Dansk Årbog for Musikforskning 30 (2002) pp. 9-50. PDF file (ca. 904 kb)

‘Josquin og stemmernes klang. Et forslag til analyse af vokal instrumentation’ Musik & Forskning 27 (2002) pp. 7-24. PDF file (ca. 125 kb)

‘Æslets skryden og sang gennem tårer. Billeder i musik i 1400-tallets populære og kunstfulde traditioner’ Musik & Forskning 26 (2001) pp. 97-134. PDF file (ca. 775 kb)

And some really old ones

French Music in the Early Sixteenth Century. Studies in the music collection of a copyist of Lyons. The manuscript Ny kgl. Samling 1848 2° in the Royal Library, Copenhagen I-III, Copenhagen 1994. PDF file (ca. 8 Mb)

‘»Or sus vous dormez trop«. The Singing of the Lark in French Chansons of the Early Sixteenth Century’ Festskrift Henrik Glahn. Ed. Mette Müller, Copenhagen 1979, pp. 35-67. PDF file (ca. 1,77 Mb)

‘Knud Jeppesen's Collection in the State and University Library (Arhus, Denmark) A Preliminary Catalogue’, Dansk Årbog for Musikforskning VII 1973-1976. pp. 21-49. PDF file (ca. 1,7 Mb)